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Frequently Asked Questions​

Why do your hours vary from day to day?

We want to accommodate our patients schedules as much as possible. On Monday and Wednesday we stay open later to accommodate our patients who want to come in after work or who just prefer a later appointment. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we open early to allow patients to come to the doctor prior to work.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we take most private insurance plans and Medicare. We are very similar to other practices in town in terms of insurance and billing. 

What make your practice special?

Our mission statement is to provide excellent health care in a pleasant professional environment. With good communication between doctor and patient, we can develop a personalized plan for your health care. To ensure that you will have the full attention of your doctor throughout your appointment time, we employ the following scheduling policies: 

  • The doctor takes the patient back to the exam room instead of a medical assistant that smooths the flow of patients in the office by seeing one patient at a time.

  • We schedule 3 patents per hour instead of 4 or more. 

  • We do not double book appointment to avoid being rushed.

  • We set visit time slots based on the expected time required for the task, so our office tends to run on schedule.

  • We will keep are practice size small, so your doctor can see you on the same day.

  • We will contact you in the unlikely event that the office is running over 30 minutes late, so you can modify your arrival time.

Do you take care of patients in the hospital?

This office provides outpatient services. In order to ensure that you receive the best inpatient care possible, we work closely with inpatient specialists who take care of our patients in the hospital.  

What inspired your practice approach?

This practice is inspired by the ideal practice movement that stresses lower overhead and few patients per hour. The ideal practice movement also stresses communication between the patient and doctor. This movement of independent practices is personalizing medical care today.  

How many appointments per hour do you schedule?

We average 3 appointments per hour with 2 slots for new patients.

Why do I have to fill out forms before my appointment?

Filling out history and illness forms just prior to your appointment serves three purposes. First, it allows you to take your time to make sure that we have a thorough and complete history. Secondly, completing the forms prior to the appointment allows for conversation during your actual appointment rather than the provider staring at a computer screen and filling out boxes. Finally, completing your forms prior to the visit allows you to organize your thoughts to make sure no issues or symptoms are missed.  If you are unable to complete the forms, a member of our office staff will help you.

What will happen on the day of my appointment?

When you arrive at our office for your appointment you will be greeted by our front desk staff. After she gets you checked in to the computer system, you will be provided with a series of written questions regarding the reason for your visit that day as well as questions about any symptoms you may be experiencing that day. Answering these questions prior to seeing the doctor ensures that when you are in the exam room with the doctor their attention is focused on you, not on the computer. After you return the information to the front desk your doctor will come and get you from the waiting room and take you back to the exam room where you will have your appointment. When you and the doctor have finished with your appointment, you will either leave or if needed you will stop by the lab and have your blood drawn or the medical assistant will administer any needed immunizations or medications that your provider has ordered. The process should be simple, streamlined and with minimal waiting on your part.

Does your office do pain management?

For patients with chronic pain, this office will try to find and address the underlying cause of the pain.  For chronic pain control, this office will refer patients to a pain management specialist. This office does not prescribe narcotic pain medicines such as OxyContin, Vicodin and similar drugs. These drugs require specialized monitoring provided by pain management to reduce the risks of addiction and misuse.

Does your office complete disability paperwork?

For new patients and complex cases for established patients, our office will typically refer to occupational medicine for a formal assessment of disability.

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