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Practice Policies:

Please call 911 for life threatening issues.  Do not call the office for medical emergencies.

Appointment Scheduling

The office is open 5 days per week.  We offer both early morning appointments and late afternoon appointments on alternate days.

Patient Portal Messaging (Similar to Email)

The best way to contact the practice is via the patient portal secure messaging system. Responses to patient messages will typically occur within 24 hours.


Our practice provides patients with an on call number where a provider can be reached after hours.  Please call 911 for life threatening issues. Realize that we have families. We do not employ an answering service. When you call after hours you are routed directly to our personal cell phones. We are happy to assist you after hours if you need us but for routine requests (appointment scheduling, non-urgent questions, etc.) please wait and call the next day during normal business hours or preferably, send a message via the patient portal that will be answered the next business day. Please note, you can schedule your own appointment online by logging into your patient portal.

Test Results

We will always contact you with the results of your tests and X-Ray.  For normal test results, we will send you a message via the patient portal with notification to check the portal.  If it has been more than one week since your test and you have not received your results, please send me a note via patient portal or call the office.

Coordinating Care

We will work with you to find a specialist if you need a referral.

Optimizing Your Care

This practice aims to be your medical home with a trusted provider who knows you as a person who can help you navigate the complex healthcare system.  We attempt to do these things to improve your care:

  • Learn about your history, life situation and healthcare goals.

  • Treat your short term illness and manage long term conditions.

  • Connect you with specialists to form a health care team to treat problems beyond the scope of family practice.

  • Be available via patient portal and phone.

  • Communicate clearly your health issues.

  • Listen to questions and provide understandable responses.

  • Treat all patients with respect and understanding.

We expect that our patient will do these things to improve their care:

  • Take an active role in your healthcare.

  • Understand your health conditions and ask questions.

  • Know what medications you take and why you take them. If you are not certain, ask your provider to explain it.

  • Either bring your prescription bottles to your appointments or a detailed list including name of medication, dose and frequency.

  • Take all your medications as prescribed or if you are having a problem with your medications, let us know so that we can amend your plan.

  • Let us know when you see other providers so that we can help to coordinate your care.

  • Follow the healthcare plan that we develop with you.

  • Keep your scheduled appointments or if you must reschedule then do so as early as possible.

  • Understand your health insurance and be aware of what your payment responsibilities will be and be prepared to pay your part.

  • Call or contact us via the patient portal if you do not receive test results within one week.

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